Mission, Vision and Values

Lifeway is a Portuguese company who specializes in the wholesale distribution of:

- human medicine (including narcotics and psychotropic substances)

- other health products such as medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements, biocides, reagents, diagnostic tests and more.


To provide high quality medicines and health products, in a safe and effective life cycle; distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies, clinical units and end user. Contribute to the health, social and economic development in all markets where it is involved..


Grow in the domestic market and the in 10 years to be in the top 5 exporters of medicines and health products for PALOP markets. We want to achieve this through an efficient and commercially competitive logistics.


Development of team work to ensure that all activities are carried out by the company with quality, accuracy and the strict implementation of their commitments and laws. Acting in a responsible, transparent, dynamic and entrepreneurial way in order to respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of our clients. Promote continuous improvement of their business by providing a quality service that ensures the health of the populations involved.